The Family of Exeter Homes

Chris, Victoria and Vera-Lee Travis of Exeter Homes
Chris, Victoria and Vera-Lee Travis of Exeter Homes

One of the most humbling things about building our transportable homes is seeing the smiles and tears of joy from new owners as we deliver their home. For many, it is their first home and that comes with an extra special feeling of accomplishment for our team.

It is about seeing dreams come to fruition, building a legacy, and creating new memories for generations to come.

Family is hugely important to Exeter Homes, and that is why we decided to name each home plan we designed after the given names of our family and extended family who are no longer with us. We honour family with our designs and their names leave a special connection to us when the home becomes yours.

Exeter Homes house names are based on family members. This is William.


Introducing ‘WILLIAM’, Chris’s Grandfather. A happy-go-lucky man who enjoyed a tipple or two.

Bill (as he was called by many), convinced his mother to let him go off to war even though he wasn’t yet of age. He joined the airforce and traveled the world training for combat and by the time his training ended the war was all but over.

What would he love most about his house? Everything. And he would have built the entire thing himself.


Introducing ‘CYNTHIA’, Victoria’s mother. Known affectionately as Cindy, she was full of spirit and was one of the hardest working nurses around.

A talented pianist with an incredible voice who loved to embarrass her kids by singing dirty songs in the car with their friends.

What would she love most about her house? That she could close the hallway door and ignore the mess in the bedrooms!

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